Sunday, January 1, 2023

Dungeon23 Tower of Retribution

The dungeon23 challenge is a writing prompt challenge to write a dungeon room a day for all of 2023 so at the end of the challenge you have a completed mega dungeon. Its a pretty simple writing prompt to keep you focused on a small achievable goal that gives you a big result at the end. The challenge was started by Sean McCoy and this article is a pretty good write up on it.

Instead of a traditional mega dungeon with a large dungeon map I am going to try out a depth crawl like the one in Gardens of Ynn. The nice thing about depth crawls is they use a roll chart to determine location so you don't need to focus on a large complex map and can instead focus on the individual rooms. I am planning on posting a page at the end of each week with the 7 rooms I wrote for the depth crawl each week.

I have changed my mind and decided to go with my traditional one page dungeon layout for this challenge. I am going to use this opportunity to show off the nested dungeon layout I used to link smaller dungeons into a mega dungeon. I will likely make a dungeon key/table when I am done to run the dungeon as a depth crawl as well but there will be maps at least at the start.

Tower of Retribution