Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Dungeon23 April Collection Level 4 Specimen Containment

 Level 4 of the tower of retribution starts to delve into the towers original purpose and how the planet was terraformed by ancient magic. It includes a series of physic visions that will be a recurring theme for several levels and a treasure that is warded by 3 separate obelisks scattered throughout the level.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Dungeon23 March Collection Level 3 The Iron Works

Dungeon23 March dungeons. Returned to the first months design for the levels dungeon key. Introduced one of the major themes of the dungeon on this level with the roil which will becoming a more frequent encounter and problem as we get deeper.

Dungeon23 February Collection Level 2 The Manaworks

Dungeon23 February dungeons. Tried something a little different with this month and broke a larger dungeon map into smaller parts. I think I like the more abstract sections that are disconnected more but the overview map is pretty interesting.  

Emerald Dale Collection

The Emerald Dale was once a prosperous valley controlled  by 3 dwarven clans who shared in its bounty. After a catastrophe that shielded the dale from sunlight caused the plants to wither and die the Dwarven clans retreated back into their mountain homes. This proved to be a mistake as a war band of gnolls was able to move into the dale and now 

Suitable for 3-4 characters from level 3-4.

1 Town

1 Pointcrawl Location

4 Dungeons

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Dungeon23 January Collection Level 1 The Workshop

The first month on the dungeon23 challenge is done and I am super happy with the results. Each week consists of its own one page dungeon and the month as a whole has a one page dungeon that links the different sections up. I really like this layout as its super modular and easy to run even a complex dungeon. You can find the pdf version of this document on my patreon for free. If you use this adventure in one of your games let me know how it goes.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Dungeon23 Tower of Retribution

The dungeon23 challenge is a writing prompt challenge to write a dungeon room a day for all of 2023 so at the end of the challenge you have a completed mega dungeon. Its a pretty simple writing prompt to keep you focused on a small achievable goal that gives you a big result at the end. The challenge was started by Sean McCoy and this article is a pretty good write up on it.

Instead of a traditional mega dungeon with a large dungeon map I am going to try out a depth crawl like the one in Gardens of Ynn. The nice thing about depth crawls is they use a roll chart to determine location so you don't need to focus on a large complex map and can instead focus on the individual rooms. I am planning on posting a page at the end of each week with the 7 rooms I wrote for the depth crawl each week.

I have changed my mind and decided to go with my traditional one page dungeon layout for this challenge. I am going to use this opportunity to show off the nested dungeon layout I used to link smaller dungeons into a mega dungeon. I will likely make a dungeon key/table when I am done to run the dungeon as a depth crawl as well but there will be maps at least at the start.

Tower of Retribution

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ruby Desert Collection

The Ruby Desert is a vast and cold expanse of sand and rock. Without the light of the sun most life in the desert has died out and now only monstrosities roam the land. The town of Osuna in an attempt to survive in this new land made a deal with an archdevil to survive. Some of the towns people regret that decision and others seek to tip the deal in their favor. 

Suitable for 3-4 characters from level 7-8. Drag and drop point crawl location with story arc.

1 Pointcrawl Location

4 Dungeons

1 Town

1 Set of hooks and faction plot ideas

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