Friday, April 28, 2023

Dungeon23 March Collection Level 3 The Iron Works

Dungeon23 March dungeons. Returned to the first months design for the levels dungeon key. Introduced one of the major themes of the dungeon on this level with the roil which will becoming a more frequent encounter and problem as we get deeper.

Dungeon23 February Collection Level 2 The Manaworks

Dungeon23 February dungeons. Tried something a little different with this month and broke a larger dungeon map into smaller parts. I think I like the more abstract sections that are disconnected more but the overview map is pretty interesting.  

Emerald Dale Collection

The Emerald Dale was once a prosperous valley controlled  by 3 dwarven clans who shared in its bounty. After a catastrophe that shielded the dale from sunlight caused the plants to wither and die the Dwarven clans retreated back into their mountain homes. This proved to be a mistake as a war band of gnolls was able to move into the dale and now 

Suitable for 3-4 characters from level 3-4.

1 Town

1 Pointcrawl Location

4 Dungeons

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