Thursday, September 15, 2022

One Page Adventure 1 Remastered

One page adventures 1 is an update of the first collection of  22 travel adventures that I wrote. It has been updated using homebrewery for formatting instead of latex which produces more visually appealing page layouts and allows for me to write adventures more quickly. All of the maps are the original hand drawn maps from the original collection but I have been able to use midjourney to generate the other art in the book. Having a lot of art in the book was something I originally wanted but it wasn't time effective to create what I wanted originally. You can see and download the original pdf here if you would like to compare the two.

The content in the collection still covers overland travel adventures using a combination of skill challenges and classic one page dungeons. Since I originally wrote this collection I have play tested the adventures and the format has held up for me during play and worked as the basis for a campaign. I got a lot of positive feed back on the original collection and I hope this new updated version continues to be helpful. Download the PDF